Love, on Some Days

Some days, you will forget to pick love on her way from the Dentist’s appointment Some days, she will be upset about it Some days, you will make love bunk her French classes And instead of curling her mouth around syllables, clasping French vowels under the fold of her tongue She will grudgingly drag herself […]

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TV Dilemmas

There is only a single TV in my house But two remote controls One is fully functional While the other has buttons that have far long forgotten how to serve its purpose My mother uses the remote with a power button that can turn on and turn off the TV With buttons that turn up […]

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Last Night, I Dreamt about You.

Last night, I dreamt about you. We’re both at this playground we used to frequent when we were kids. You’re standing at the same place where you first learned how to ride a bicycle. The place is an undeniable replication of our childhood memory except for the fact that it is now barren and smells […]

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